Going Beyond the Bell



January 24, 2023

There isn’t a lot of programming me and my kids would agree on when it comes to entertainment value. With Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts checking off most of their entertainment boxes, while they’re giggling at the content, I’m often left looking on with an expression that is somewhere between confusion, concern and genuine disbelief: “where have I gone wrong?” 

There is one show my kids and I seem to have a shared interest in: the Canadian docu-series, How It’s Made. Have you heard of it? The show walks the viewer through the process of how common, everyday items (such as clothing, accessories, tools, musical instruments, sporting goods) are made. It’s presented at an easy-to-follow pace and explains the stages of manufacturing in easy-to-understand language. The show holds our full attention because it’s fascinating to watch things we are so familiar with, things whose origin we might not have given a second thought to, materialize. It feels like we’re being let in on a little secret - and getting the inside scoop is fascinating!

Wouldn’t it be great to get that kind of inside look at other everyday things? Like the ins and outs of what happens at your child’s school, for instance?  Parents and caregivers of Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board, you’re in luck - such a thing exists! The Beyond the Bell Podcast, hosted by our very own mental health lead, Chantelle Quesnelle. 

Tell me about the Beyond the Bell Podcast? 

Chantelle: Beyond the Bell is all about providing parents and caregivers an inside look into the school system. You may find us talking about familiar topics, but our goal is to provide you with information and a new perspective that you may not have thought about. You know… those things that you didn’t know that you needed to know!

What’s happened to the OnPoint Parenting Podcast?

Chantelle: OnPoint Parenting Podcast episodes are still available to listen to at BeyondTheBell.com and wherever you stream your podcasts. We simply decided to “change tracks” and go in a slightly different direction so that we could explore new topics that will be helpful to you as you navigate the sometimes curious world of Education! 

From Kindergarten right through high school, let's go beyond the bell to get the inside scoop on how it works the way it does! Join Chantelle at pod.co/beyond-the-bell for the full introduction, and find us wherever you find your podcasts!